Copper Fittings

You will Benefit when you use SKY Copper fittings because they are:
• Designed, Manufactured and Tested to exceed the Australian Standard AS1571.
• Manufactured to stringent standards in an ISO9001 accredited facility.
• Passed through a rigorously controlled QA system including batch verification burst testing.
• Designed and manufactured to remove stress and fatigue focus points.
• All fittings less than 1 inch connection size are rated for refrigerant R-410A. (SWP 4200 kpa)
• R-410A rated fittings are marked accordingly on the fitting for your safety.

• SKY’s rating is based on the AIRAH accepted, standard safe working pressure for
Refrigerant R-410A as 4,200 kpa @ 65°C.
R-744 (CO2)
• SKY’s rating is based on the AIRAH accepted, standard safe working pressure for Subcritical Refrigerant R-744 as 5,200 kpa.
• Mueller’s rating is based on a combination of UL and EN378-2

• SKY copper fittings should be installed in accordance with the methodology recommended in AS HB40 by suitably qualified trade’s people.
• 15% silver solder is recommended when brazing fittings into systems intended for R-410A or other high pressure applications.
• Pipe work should be designed and implemented in a way that mechanical and thermal stress is avoided.
• Burst testing of SKY copper fittings is done after the joints are braised to replicate as close as possible their application in the field. However, as copper can work
harden and these fittings can be subject to unique dynamics created in the working environment, such as vibration, temperature, pressure and pulsation,
end-users should satisfy themselves of the fitting suitability for the application. The copper stuff in short:
• Due to their superior design, manufacture, QA and labelling, SKY copper fittings when installed properly will improve the outcome of your installation, and reduce
the risk of premature failure and subsequent refrigerant leakage. “Install or repair with confidence.”